Urth CBD Wholesale has one mission in mind. It is to improve the health and wellness of everyone. When it comes to top quality CBD, Urth is one of the best if not the best. You can find all of their products here at One Stop CBDs.

One thing that makes Urth CBD stand out from the crowd is that their products are 100% Organic with no gimmicks. Each product has the lab results and Certificate of Analysis readily available which is extremely important when shopping for CBD. You always want to take a look at the Certificate of Analysis to make sure that the claims that the company is making are indeed true!

Urth current offers three different product types of CBD such as tinctures, cartridges, and sub-ohm oils. Their sub-ohm oils are made by a veteran mixologist that has been in the vaping industry for over eight years and help pave the way for how e juice tastes in the current day. These sub-ohm oils are made to be vaped from any sub-ohm vape tank. Currently, there are two flavors available which are blue raspberry, and strawberry twist. Describing them as delicious is an understatement.

Out of all the brands in the CBD industry, Urth CBD is one of our favorites. One Stop CBDs highly recommends this brand to anyone who is looking to improve daily life through an organic and holistic approach. We absolutely love their products and will continue to carry them for a very long time.

If you are looking to improve certain things such as sleep, hunger, energy etc.. Urth CBD has a product specially made to help boost these particular activities which is something that we really like.

New to CBD or an experienced user, we highly suggest you give Urth CBD a try! They have set the standard when it comes to pure organic CBD.