GRN CBD Wholesale is a company that offers a large variety of products for consumers so that their preferences and needs are met. This is one thing that separates GRN from the rest of the companies.

The first thing that One Stop CBDs noticed when we first starting carrying their products is the large and awesome selection of CBD product types that they offer. Matter of fact, the first time that we have seen a CBD bath bomb is when we starting carrying GRN CBD products and if you ask us, that is pretty cool!

When it comes to purity and quality, GRN is on top of the leaderboard. Each product has a Certificate of Analysis so consumers and businesses can see for themselves what is in each product. The importance of being transparent about your CBD products is so crucial so it really is a huge plus in the books when a company freely puts out there COA's. 

Another really unique part of GRN is that they have a CBD for Pets line! This includes things such as dog treats so that your pets can maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle!

If you prefer inhaling then GRN also has CBD Vape Cartridges which are Full Spectrum Help Extract. These contain naturally plant-derived terpenes with organic coconut oil which helps with absorption. Available in multiple flavors, GRN has everything you could possibly want from a CBD brand!