When it comes to the top shelf, premium brands in the CBD Industry, Eclipse is the first name to be brought up. Located in Orange, California, Eclipse quickly made a name for themselves after releasing and producing extremely high-quality products.

Eclipse's Isolate CBD is 99%+ Pure CBD. Their extensive process includes running plant matter through a C02 extraction process so that absolute ZERO THC is detected.

They also have a Full Spectrum line that includes all cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp. This line is more for PM use and stronger effects.

One Stop CBDs is more than excited to be carrying all of Eclipse's products because not only do they work extremely well but all of their products are honest. These tinctures, gummies, lotions etc.. are true CBD formulas from the best of the best in the industry. 

The large selection of types of CBD is very appealing, helpful, and convenient. For people that like to vape, Eclipse has a vapeable CBD Isolate line just for you! There are people who do not vape so the CBD Gummy, Concentrate, or Tincture line is just for you! With multiple product types, it makes CBD widely dispensable to all types of users.

If you are new to One Stop CBDs or new to CBD in general, Eclipse is an amazing brand that we highly recommend for both new users and veterans! The quality of this companies products set the standard for the whole industry and their reputation as a brand is one of the best.